New Poetry Collection:

As One Fire Consumes Another, Winner of the Orison Poetry Prize, judged by Vandana Khanna, Orison Books, April 2, 2019


Upcoming Poetry Collection:

Skin Memory, Winner of the Backwaters Prize, judged by Kwame Dawes, University of Nebraska Press, November 2019

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This is an important book from a major talent. Williams is an honest witness of a nation’s foibles, a writer who has the chops to see and name the worst in us and then divine it into something humane and beautiful to read. —The Oregonian

John Sibley Williams confronts the violent side of American history and its effect on our notions of self, fatherhood, and citizenship. […] The poems, which veer from elegiac to declarative to prayerlike, drill down into the beliefs and fears that underpin this violence. —Poets & Writers Magazine

One of the most original books of poetry I have read in decades. —Sean Thomas Dougherty

His poetry sets the normative uses of poetic language alight and burns away our safe skin of lyric expectation and contextual surety. Do not expect to read these poems and be unchallenged, unchanged. –Rusty Morrison

As One Fire Consumes Another transcends beyond the boundaries of family and history and country, beyond the body’s tragedies, the “silenced bones of others.” These poems rise as invocation, as testimonial to life’s unfiltered beauty, violence, and faith, to the “light . . . already in us.” –Vandana Khanna

As One Fire Consumes Another is a rare creation full of song and seethe […] It is a book of radiance and ruin that manages to be benevolent while breathing fire. –Simone Muench

If America’s collective conscience is at war, the wounds and battle scars are in full display in John Sibley Williams’ arresting book. –Rigoberto González

These poems live in brilliant little cages that Williams has built for them, the language itself held to the fire. This collection grieves. It flames. –Chelsea Dingman

Full of passion and heart, this book is always digging through the rubble towards life. –Tyree Daye


These poems move with unhurried purposefulness so that you trust the seething urgency and deliberateness of lines like ‘memory is a language that’s survived its skin’ or the painfully earned benediction and expression of resigned hope in ‘whatever finally breaks me, I cannot refuse it.’ Splendid poetry, never seeking to pander in its accessibility, but always, nonetheless, as plainspoken as each complex idea will allow.—Kwame Dawes

In John Sibley Williams’s new book Skin Memory, a child inherits an earth haunted by the violence of the past—landscape of his own skin. What then, identity? Skin memory, as opposed to blood memory, is porous. In these poems Williams feels himself across its divide, experiencing “the shrapnel seeing leaves behind in things,” and does so in language mesmerizing as “the slow pulse oaks bring to the forest.” I don’t often encounter poems deep enough to settle into that are, at the same time, this deeply unsettling. —Melissa Kwasny

Both imaginative and lucid, Skin Memory offers a rich cartography of our world as we’ve made it, a world of overlapping skins (human, animal, earth) that caress and wound and scar one another. Here there is no false nature/culture binary, but earth as palimpsest—a body made up of bodies, histories, and dreams of the future. Like the tattered fragments of Borges’s Map of the Empire, Williams’s world is always charged with mystery alongside human desire and folly: wherever our endeavors mark the landscape, there too the scrub grass peeks through. –Sarah Rose Nordgren

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