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Nomination, Orison Anthology Award, American Poetry Journal, 2019.

Nomination, Best of the Net, Radar Poetry, 2019.

Finalist, The Muriel Craft Bailey Memorial Award, Comstock Review, 2018.

Finalist, Emrys Press Chapbook Prize, 2018.

Nomination, Best of the Net, Counterclock Journal, 2018.

Winner, Backwaters Prize, 2018.

Finalist, Hillary Gravendyk Prize, 2018.

Finalist, Laux/Millar Raleigh Review Poetry Prize, 2018.

Finalist, 45th New Millennium Writing Awards, 2018.

Nomination, Best of the Net, Parentheses Journal, 2018.

Second Place, Common Ground Review Poetry Contest, 2018.

Winner, The 46er Prize, The Adirondack Review, 2018.

Finalist, National Indie Excellence Award, 2018.

Winner, Orison Books Poetry Prize, 2018.

Runner Up, James Wright Poetry Award, Mid-American Review, 2018.

Winner, Phyllis Smart-Young Prize in Poetry, Madison Review, 2018.

Finalist, Elixir Press Poetry Awards, 2018.

Runner Up, Los Angeles Review Literary Awards, 2018.

Finalist, Neil Shepard Prize in Poetry, Green Mountains Review, 2018.

Nomination, Pushcart Prize, Bluestem, 2018.

Finalist, Rash Award in Poetry, Broad River Review, 2018.

Nomination, Pushcart Prize, Watershed Review, 2017.

Winner, Literal Latté Poetry Awards, 2017.

Nomination, Pushcart Prize, The Penn Review, 2017.

Winner, Royal Dragonfly Book Award for Poetry, 2017.

Nomination, Pushcart Prize, Roanoke Review, 2017.

Semi-Finalist, Brittingham and Pollak Poetry Prizes, 2017.

Finalist, New Measure Poetry Prize, Parlor Press, 2017.

Honorable Mention, Mudfish Poetry Prize, 2017.

Winner, New York City Big Book Awards for Poetry, 2017.

Second Place, Connecticut River Review Poetry Contest, 2017.

Honorable Mention, Red Mountain Poetry Prize, 2017.

Third Place, Red Wheelbarrow Poetry Prize, 2017.

Semi-Finalist, Brett Elizabeth Jenkins Poetry Prize, Tinderbox, 2017.

Finalist, Ruth Stone Poetry Prize, Hunger Mountain, 2017.

Finalist, Orison Anthology Award in Poetry, 2017.

Finalist, 1000 Below: Flash Prose and Poetry Contest, Midway Journal, 2017.

Semi-Finalist, Pleiades Press Editors Prize for Poetry, 2017.

Semi-Finalist, The Florida Review’s Editors’ Award, 2017.

Winner, Red City Review Book Awards, 2017.

Honorable Mention, The Spoon River Poetry Review Editor's Prize, 2017.

Finalist, Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize, Ruminate Magazine, 2017.

Runner Up, Sequestrum Editor’s Reprint Award, 2017.

Semi-Finalist, The Washington Prize, Word Works, 2017.

Runner Up, Prick of the Spindle’s Poetry Open Competition, 2017.

Finalist, Airlie Book Prize, 2017.

Finalist, Stephen Dunn Prize in Poetry, Solstice Literary Magazine, 2017.

Finalist, 2017 International Book Awards, 2017.

Finalist, Dylan Thomas American Poetry Prize, Rosebud Magazine, 2017.

Finalist, Orison Books Poetry Prize, 2017.

Finalist, Epiphany Poetry Contest, Epiphany, 2017.

Third place, The Pinch Poetry Prize, The Pinch, 2017.

Runner Up, Rash Awards, Broad River Review, 2017.

Winner, Premium Contest in Poetry, Carve Magazine, 2017.

Finalist, The Fall Black River Chapbook Competition, 2017.

Finalist, Pacifica Poetry Contest, Pacifica Literary Review, 2017.

Winner, Edna St. Vincent Millay Poetry Prize, The Tishman Review, 2016.

Nomination, Pushcart Prize, Jabberwock Review, 2016.

Runner Up, Wabash Prize, Sycamore Review, 2016.

Nomination, Pushcart Prize, American Literary Review, 2016.

Honorable Mention, Connecticut River Review Poetry Contest, 2016.

Winner, Fineline Competition, Mid-American Review, 2016.

Second Place, Jack Grapes Poetry Prize, Cultural Weekly, 2016.

Nomination, Best of the Net (Poetry), American Literary Review, 2016.

Nomination, Best of the Net (Poetry), Gulf Stream Magazine, 2016.

Finalist, River Styx International Poetry Contest, 2016.

Winner, Confrontation Poetry Prize, 2016.

Honorable Mention, Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award, Paterson Literary Review, 2016.

Winner, The Nancy D. Hargrove Editors' Prize, The Jabberwock Review, 2016.

Finalist, Yemassee Poetry Contest, 2016.

Winner, Third Wednesday Poetry Contest, 2016.

Semi-Finalist, James Wright Poetry Award, The Mid-American Review, 2016.

Second place, Crosswinds Annual Poetry Contest, 2016.

Winner, Red Berry Edition’s 7th Annual Valentine’s Day Contest, 2016.

Winner, Redivider Blurred Genre Contest, Redivider, 2016.

Winner, Philip Booth Prize, Salt Hill, 2016.

First Runner-Up, Red Hen Press Poetry Award, 2016.

Finalist, Snyder Award, Ashland Poetry Press, 2015.

Semi-Finalist, New Millennium Writings Contest (Poetry), 2015.

Winner, American Literary Review Poetry Contest, 2015.

Nomination, GOSS183's 2015 Independent Best American Poetry Anthology (Poetry),

Lunch Ticket, 2015.

Second place, Vallum Award for Poetry 2015, Vallum Magazine, 2015.

Second place, Dueling Judges Category, Oregon Poetry Association, Fall 2015.

Nomination, Best of the Net (Poetry), Construction Magazine, 2015.

Nomination, Best of the Net (Poetry), Lunch Ticket, 2015.

Nomination, Best of the Net (Poetry), Sequestrum, 2015.

Second place, Dueling Judges Category, Oregon Poetry Association, Spring 2015.

Honorable Mention, Themed Category: Endings, Oregon Poetry Association, 2015.

Finalist, Colorado Prize for Poetry for Disinheritance, 2015.

Finalist, Third Coast Poetry Prize, 2015.

Honorable Mention, Pandora’s Collective Annual Poetry Contest, 2015.

Winner, Nancy Dew Taylor Poetry Award, Emrys Journal, 2015.

Finalist, The Ian MacMillan Award, Hawai’i Review, 2015.

Honorable Mention, Experimental Poem Category, Oregon Poetry Association, 2014.

Nomination, Pushcart Prize (Poetry), great weather for MEDIA, 2014.

Nomination, Best of the Net (Poetry), Lunch Ticket, 2014.

Nomination, Pushcart Prize (Fiction), The Missing Slate, 2013.

Nomination, Oregon Book Award in Poetry for Controlled Hallucinations, 2013.

Nomination, Million Writers Award by StorySouth (Fiction), Literary Juice, 2013.

Runner-Up, Free Verse Poem Category, Oregon Poetry Association, 2013.

Winner, Heart Poetry Award, Nostalgia Press, 2011.

Nomination, Pushcart Prize (Poetry), Folded Word Press, 2011.

Finalist, Rumi Prize in Poetry, Arts & Letters, 2011.

Second place, The Pinch Poetry Prize, The Pinch, 2011.

Finalist, Joy Bale Boone Poetry Prize, The Heartland Review, 2010.