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Uncoordinated Efforts (from DIALOGIST)

Two Poems (from Willow Springs)

Two Poems (from Grey Sparrow Press)

Birds of Prey and Self-Portrait as Travelogue (from Baltimore Review)

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (from Apricity Press)

Brat (from Rapphannock Review)

American Bounty (from Arkana)

Cicadas in Winter (from Radar)

Six poems (winning poems from COG’s 2019 Poetry Awards)

Two Poems (from Cascadia Magazine)

Interlude (from Passages North)

Open Season (from Up North Lit)

Brevity (from Pacifica Literary Review)

Winter Bazaar (from Small Orange)

Five Poems (from Puerto del Sol)

Untitled {Homescape} (from Bellingham Review)

At Bay (from Tupelo Quarterly)

Three poems (from Collateral)

Two poems (from Virga)

Three poems (from Sequestrum)

Two poems (from Arcturus)

At the Wrist (from Juked)

Two poems (from Western Humanities Review)

Three poems (from New Orleans Review)

Two poems (from Figure 1)

Two poems (from Green Mountains Review)

Self-Portrait with Mojave (from Valparaiso Poetry Review)

Sediment (from Isthmus)

On Being Told: You Must Learn to Love the Violence (from The Yale Review)

On Being Told: You Must Learn to Pray (from The Yale Review)

Six poems (from Posit)

Suburban Liturgy (from Isthmus)

Two poems (from concīs)

Three poems (from Angry Old Man)

Salvage (from Solstice)

Two poems (from The American Journal of Poetry)

On Being Told: White is a Color Without Hue (from Cream City Review)

Bad Water (from Prairie Schooner)

Closure (from The Massachusetts Review)

Landscape without Crows (from Tampa Review)

Star Count (from Minnesota Review)

Death is a Work in Progress (from Redivider)

Restoration (from The American Poetry Journal)

The Children (from Cleaver Magazine)

Imprint (from Thrush)

Two poems (from Aquifer: The Florida Review online)

Two poems (from Commonweal)

Three poems (from Watershed Review)

Inventing Fire in Northern Michigan in December (from Contrary)

The World in Reverse is Still the World (from The Cortland Review)

Two poems (from Los Angeles Review)

Back when you were a country (from Vinyl)

A Brief History of the Perfect Storm (from Poetry Northwest)

The House Winter Built (from Baltimore Review)

Fog (from American Literary Review)

We Can Make a Home of It Still (from Construction)

Understudies (from Alaska Quarterly Review)

Four poems (from Sequestrum)

Bestiary (from Tupelo Quarterly)

Summer Boys (from The Adroit Journal)

Three poems (from Matador Review)

Like Something to be Looked Back on, Fondly (from Thrush)

This Place of Scraps (from Construction)